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Dr. J.J. Meier
Co-Founder, Strategen Group
U.S. and Canada


As Co-Founder of Strategen Group, Dr. J.J. Meier has built a multi-disciplinary team of “Business Development Specialists” who interface clients in the fields of entertainment, education, law enforcement, health and nutrition. Areas of focus include talent acquisition, on-boarding and retention, corporate development trainings, leadership development, M&A team re-building, start-ups and corporate launches.

In the past, J.J. has held executive positions and helped launch several companies such as The Facefinders Network; SeneGence International; Nutri-Metics (Australia); Channoine Cosmetics (Austria & U.S.); FemOne, Inc.; ITV, Inc.; GIA Wellness; and others. Strategen Group enjoys continued relationships with the principals of several of these companies and now provides talent assessment programs, executive coaching, off-sites and retreats, workshops and corporate event services.

In addition to working with diverse corporate C-suite, management and leadership teams, J.J. is often retained as an executive media coach for on-camera and live stage presentation coaching known as EVP: Executive Vocal Presence. Many executives benefit from her highly developed presentations skills to polish their own front-of-the-room presence for media interviews, board meetings, annual meetings, key-note presentations, etc.

She holds a Doctorate Degree in Holistic Theology; is the author of God in the Mirror; is active in social issues regarding women and children. She is a past member of the California State Board of ChildHelp USA; is a past Board Member of the Long Beach Women’s Shelter and currently in active support of Beacon House.