Welcome to Strategen Group! In today’s lightening fast business environment, our overarching goal is to be “mission proficient” for your company with highly focused communications programs. More than mission critical, more than momentarily effective, Strategen Group truly becomes a value added associate … a long-term strategic partner for developing your most valuable resource — people.

OUR people assimilate, integrate and regenerate YOUR people!

We positively impact not only corporate communications, but also corporate culture. Whether your culture is ingrained and healthy, or in need of a makeover, Strategen Group Certified Professional Behavioral Analysts educate, assist, inspire, motivate and drive the core cultural aspects of your business.

Speaking of corporate culture — an integral part of our own culture is to emphasize Mindful Abundance Partnerships. We encourage everyone to be mindful of sharing abundance in every way possible! Abundance and prosperity go hand-in-hand.

Whether your company already has an “in-service” program, or would like to create one, Strategen Group believes that being in-service is an important component to employee engagement and retention. Along with research and science that validates this point, the organizational cohesiveness that comes with being in-service together creates shared bonding experiences that go beyond the workplace.

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Why Strategen Group?

Strategen Group, in collaborative partnership with TTI Performance Systems, creates leadership strategies, training, and executive development in the realms of recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, workforce performance, education, and behavior.

Strategen Group is about Future Casting… the ability to zoom out of the box and focus on people and how effectively they communicate, relate, and receive information and directives for optimal engagement and efficiency. The positive results show up on your bottom line.


TTI has a demonstrated, unique ability to assess over 365 verified reports, gleaned from 86,000 variables, of a person (and a job) for purposes of enhanced communication, job alignment and professional development. Through continuous research, patents, validation, and ethical excellence, TTI continues to be the world leader in assessments and talent management solutions since 1984 and delivered to you by Strategen Group.


Through the firm, Dr JJ Meier and her team of behavioral analysts function as “Business Team Development Specialists” for companies in various fields such as entertainment, education, public service, law enforcement and health care.

Dr. Meier also coaches many executives and entrepreneurs assisting their personal growth as well as substantially increased effectiveness as managers and leaders resulting in long-term leadership and personal improvement. Her effectiveness is enhanced and supported by TTI Performance Systems skills assessment tools.

Talent Solutions

Utilizing an active, non-discriminitory database of million of individuals TTI has collected over 30 years, the applications provide the basis for solutions for today’s business challenges. Available reports include:
*Behaviors (DISC)
*EQ…Emotional Intelligence
*Job Benchmarking
*HRX-Plan – Talent Solution Suite
*Acumen – Worldview vs. Internal view
SPECIALIZED SERVICES: Stage Presentation Coaching, Tele-promptor Coaching, Executive Styling

Welcome to Strategen Group

Success The most valuable asset your business has is its people. Oh, there are other assets, without question, but without people — highly effective people — fueled by passion and vision, your business is likely never to reach its full potential. People, functioning at their full potential, is the gold in your mine.

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Dynamic Communication

Strategic planning… mission critical objectives… business development… hardware… software… phones and functions… necessary systems that support every aspect of your business.


Ready to zoom? Dynamic communications open up a world of people potential!

The Secret Formula

Dynamic Communications has a growing “buzz” in the corporate world as the cost of recruiting, hiring and retaining qualified talent has proven to impact the bottom line. But what about your “family dynamics?” Isn’t positive dynamic communication just as important in your household? If you’re experiencing communications challenges with tweens, teens or young adults in your family — B.O.B. to the rescue! Bridges of Brilliance (hence B.O.B!) is a program specially designed to explore, expand and facilitate communications within families of all shapes and sizes! Click on the image for details …

“I was AMAZED at how much clarity B.O.B. brought about for me as it applied to Alan. Because of this I am a better mother to him at home. I now better understand how he sees the world and how he best receives information, his values, beliefs, and motivators. Since acquiring this information I’ve changed the way I communicate with Alan and even altered the way in which I believe he should perform at certain tasks, giving him leeway to do it the way which best serves him. Currently, I see him through HIS eyes and am confident I can best guide him to help him life a more fulfilling life, obtain even more confidence and satisfaction in his own accomplishments based on his values and motivators. As a result, he’s happier than he’s ever been. Thank you B.O.B.!”
JONI ROGERS, A Very Grateful Mother & CEO, SeneGence International



What others say about us

We’ve been working with Strategen Group for several months and have so far presented the Dynamic Communications program in seven divisions of Lionsgate Entertainment. It’s been a definite asset to our team environments resulting in enhanced communications and collaborative efforts. Several of our executives are now engaged in coaching programs with Dr. Meier and her team.
Haylen van Koppen, EVP of Human Resources, Lionsgate Entertainment
For four consecutive years, JJ has served as a key note speaker at our annual Leadership Conference where she delivers well-received presentations entitled “Success Beyond Belief” to our Independent Distributors from all over the world.

Dr. Meier is an energetic and effective speaker and her topics and delivery make an immediate and positive impression on everyone.

Whether hired as a public speaker or business development strategist, I’m convinced Dr. Meier will be as great an asset to your company as she has been to ours… in fact, we’ve booked her for this year as well!

Joni Rogers-Kante, Founder-Ceo SeneGence International
The Strategen Group’s “Breakthrough Living” was a totally unique and effective way of expanding team communications while giving each of our 50 staff members valuable insights to their own communication style. It was also an invaluable tool for our executive team to better understand one another’s style. Our objective to increase teamwork and communication was delivered by Dr. Meier with wit and enthusiasm!
Heather van Blarcom, ESQ., Human Resources, One World Science LLC
I didn’t really know what to expect from our Dynamic Communications Program presented by DR. Meier, but what we did experience went way beyond anything anticipated. The half day program brought our team closer together and enhanced communications for us as a company, as well as the clients we deal with. The “board-breaking’ ceremony at the end was awesome!
Steve Orens, CEO- Plaza Travel
Dr. Meier shows great enthusiasm in what TTI Assessments could do for our small but growing company. Her presentation was professional. geared toward our specific business and highly interactive! I recommend Dr. Meier to any size company looking for a unique way of improving communications.
Polly Anderson, Founder, Anderson Preparatory Academy
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Dr JJ Meier
Jeri Taylor, SeneGence International